9th Grade Parent Seminar

Keeping the Family Strong and Thriving
Parent Empowerment is designed to equip today’s parents to perform the task of parenting with more clarity and confidence. With the erosion of societal values, young people have been overwhelmed with conflicting influences and unhealthy pressures in their lives. There has never been such a critical time for parents to take the lead in shaping and directing the lives of their children.


  • Helping teenagers reach their full potential
  • Gaining a perspective and overview of the next four years
  • Sending your child out into the world prepared
  • How to impart moral and spiritual values to your teenager
  • Evaluation of American popular culture and its impact on youth (includes drugs, alcohol, sex, peer pressure)
  • Overcoming the propaganda related to gender and sexuality
  • Building security, trust, and intimacy
  • Single parenting
  • Creating clear expectations and maintaining standards
  • The importance of personal example
  • Developing and maintaining open communication
  • Making a difference academically-how to facilitate productivity
  • How to guard teenagers from the onslaught of negative influences surrounding them
  • And more