Arts & Entertainment

In understanding, evaluating, and appreciating creativity, it must be remembered that man’s first creative act, his first sense of entertainment, is the celebration of life itself. The natural joy of simply being alive and enjoying the normal, glorious relationships of life in all their forms is all one really needs for fulfillment.

True creativity is an extension of life that reflects the passion of heart and soul. It supports life’s meaning and exalted purpose by taking what is deep and wondrous and presenting it in the some unique way for the benefit and edification of those that come in contact with it. The creative act is interpreted through an organic process within the individual and seeks incorporation with the upward desire and direction of the soul.

Healthy people, happy people, people on the rise, people who seek what is good, all will reject the kind of art and entertainment that is inconsistent with the soul’s true hunger, and demand a truer experience. In truth, any artistic expression that promotes degeneracy of any kind is fraudulent. But the more a society moves away from natural living and true spirituality (as we see happening progressively in America) the cruder and more superficial the arts and entertainment of that society necessarily becomes. When man is out of rhythm with happiness, when disconnected from his creator and flow of life, he requires artificial stimulation to feel some response from within his being. In this sense, art and entertainment is used to replace life rather than compliment it, and by replacing life it also empties the individual of life.

America needs a burst of creative renewal in all related areas of the arts, communication, and entertainment. Enlightened people hunger for more depth, motivation, nuance, and sublimity, and will reject the waste, stupidity, and vulgarity that is so routinely passed off to them as art and entertainment. In fact, a cultural renewal would provide so much good and new beauty for the people, that it will be a wonder to any thinking person how we ever fell into such a slump in the first place.


There is God given talent a plenty in this world, and enough need and want of its proper inspirational use to fill the ages.


“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.”
– Emerson