A values neutral education will never be a truly effective one.  As it stands now, the greatest country in the history of the world has an educational system that reflects little of the moral conviction, wisdom, and creativity that produced that greatness in the first place.  If the founders believed that America was to be as a bright shining light on a hill because of her excellent nature and character, then her vision of education to subsequent generations must contain within its fiber the very light and discipline of thought and creativity that the founders so deeply valued and exemplified, and this understanding should be the hallmark of all high schools and universities in the land.

The founding fathers themselves were, for the most part, liberal, progressive, and enlightened thinkers – with a Christian worldview.  They were well versed in history, literature, and the scriptures.  They never separated learning from virtue or the pursuit of happiness, making these their highest priority after the Greek and Christian traditions.  Ironically our higher educational system today, including universities, have lost sight of this invaluable understanding of learning and enlightenment, and because of this, education in America has lost its vitality, and has become unmoored from its high calling and purpose.

While there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for education, and unprecedented ability to access information by students, there is both very little vision as to what are the ultimate aims of education, as well as how to best promote whatever aims are identified.  What needs to be developed is a coherent educational system that operates in an inspirational, holistic and positive context, which alone creates the setting from which true education can take place. True education is education that serves young people’s highest good, and truly prepare them to pursue the happiness that their Creator intended.


A healthy and vitally connected educational approach would be one that demonstrates the will and wisdom to promote the general welfare by doing everything reasonable and rational within its power to encourage the highest virtues of mankind associated with holistic development – faith, love fidelity, happiness, inspiration, etc, and in so doing, truly serve the best interest of the young people.


“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.”
– Horace Mann