Characteristics of a Happy, Free, and Enlightened People

By Jay Etzel

America needs to learn the ways of true happiness and freedom and to have these ways manifest in their lives in every dimension.

The following is a list of characteristics that will be manifest in those who truly pursue the abundant life:

  • Seeks to find and enjoy the good in all life
  • Loves to live and lives to love
  • When possible, would rather build a bridge toward friendship than to merely win an argument
  • Believes that “God is right, and in him is no darkness at all”
  • Has great aspirations toward creative enterprises
  • Is courageous in defending the truth
  • Sees every day as a gift from the Creator
  • Loves the beauty of the natural environment
  • Is refreshing and enjoyable to be with
  • Enjoys other peoples success as well as their own
  • Seeks to always create win win situations
  • Strives to be kind, patient, and helpful with the weak and downtrodden
  • Has an abundant spirit and therefore utterly resists pettiness, stupidity, and irritability
  • Hears people out with an open and sound mind
  • Desires the best for himself and others
  • Has a joyous, welcoming heart
  • Has only two modes of living: good and great
  • Looks past the imperfections and faults of others and encourages the best within them
  • Is team oriented and friendship driven
  • Is clear, honest, and thoughtful in his dealings with others
  • Is flexible, forgiving, and uplifting
  • Is carefree and unburdened; throws off the weight of distraction and locks into abundance
  • Demands more from himself that from others
  • Uses constructive criticism and positive coaching when correcting others
  • Is courageous in the face of opposition to what is good and true
  • Is meek with the meek and bold with the bold
  • Is “as wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove”
  • Looks for every reason and excuse to celebrate life
  • Is a great listener, and is proactive at problem solving
  • Is strongly patriotic: has a natural love for the country that encouraged, rather than oppressed, through God given natural freedoms
  • Contends with those who seek to undermine the moral, spiritual, and inspirational foundations of the country
  • Elects to public office only wise, virtuous leaders with a proven solid character and loyalty to God and country
  • Does not take anything good or true for granted