The Natural Environment

It is from the natural environment that organic health springs forth. The quality of our air, water, and soil determines how well we eat, breathe, move and live. Nothing man made, nothing synthetic, can take the place of the life that makes up the natural environment. That life is working ceaselessly in a glorious cycle of recreation producing the rich fruit of beauty, food, water, oxygen, diversity, harmony and balance that we see so abundantly displayed in nature.

To pollute the air is to suffocate the people; to contaminate the soil is to poison the source of their food; to dump wasted into the rivers, lakes, and oceans is to ruin their water supply.

The natural environment is our life line in both the present time and the future. Man can destroy life, and he readily does so, but he cannot replace it or create it. No amount of human ingenuity, no amount of so called progress is greater than the original process of creation.


By protecting the natural environment, we protect ourselves. By systematically destroying the natural environment, we systematically destroy ourselves.

Drive nature forth by force, she’ll turn and rout the false refinements that would keep her out.”
– Horace