Health & Culture

The health and wellness of the people are so intricately connected to the fundamental goals and purposes of life itself, that it is incredible to witness how off set the general focus of our world has become in regards to the simple truth, as evidence by the priorities and arrangements of ordinary individuals.

True health must be viewed as holistic health – the mental, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional well being. This understanding indeed makes “health the first wealth.” Any health care system that does not begin with clean air, clean water, clean soil, and clean food, as well as emphasize moral, spiritual, and inspirational excellence is deficient from the start.

In reality our health care system is a sickness and disease maintenance system, and we are caught in a viscous cycle – the more money that is spent in the system, the more  money the system will require, this is because the false solution is actually the problem, and the true solution lies outside of the system. In other words resources are misspent on the consequences of wrong alignment (the mentality and actions that created ill health in the first place) rather than on the solution, which is a paradigm shift away from unnatural, unspiritual, and unhealthy influences on the human constitution, and toward the natural, spiritual and healthy ones.


The only way to prevent sickness and disease is to not engage in that which causes sickness and disease. To experience health over a life time is by living healthily and inspirationally over a life time.

“The habit of the people are subversive to health in every important manner.”
– Herbert M. Shelton