The Ultimate Plan for Health, Healing, & Conquest

By Jay Etzel (Excerpt from Principles of Life and Health)

Man is a dynamic, created being that is made up of mind, body, and spirit. Every aspect of his being and existence must be taken into consideration when it comes to achieving real vitality and victory in his life.

In the most simple, straight forward terms, all battles in life can fundamentally be reduced to the influence of light and darkness upon the individual, where more light needs to be brought into the existing equation in order to produce a favorable shift in the balance of power, which is what creates a true, positive, and lasting effect.

Therefore, the ultimate plan for health and victory is one that allows the individual to freely and fearlessly pursue these with great expectation and joy, because that plan is not only the most powerful and productive one, but also the one that is the most natural and life giving. The process involved must also be entirely consistent in nature and expression with the desired victory itself and the outcome of goodness, with no shadow or variation, or violation of the natural and spiritual order.

This is only possible when the individual is fully cooperative with nature’s first law, which is self-­‐preservation at the highest order; “where every particle of matter within the individual’s total being is ceaselessly striving for perfection of health and life at all times, in all ways, and under all circumstances.” (See Principles of Life and Health) This means that the individual must be fully engaged in the process of health, which is the process of renewal and regeneration of life. Every action, whether mental, physical, spiritual or emotional, must be working with, and not against, the designs of the body and soul in order to produce a unified, singular effect that is sustainable over a lifetime.

In essence, nothing can hold back the dawn from breaking when the individual is clear enough (he perceives the reality of life), determined enough (he puts no conditions to his becoming fully alive again), and courageous enough (he pushes past visible and invisible barriers) to throw his entire being into the light to the best of his ability, because only in the fullness of light -­‐ which is God’s true presence -­‐ is there endless life and perfect life. Health, conquest, and all related forms of victory and healing -­‐ including miracles -­‐ naturally flow from the individual being centered in this utopian place.

In order for this to happen, he must go through a process of total transformation that includes every area of his life. He must invest his total resources-­‐ mind, will, emotions, faith, creativity, etc. -­‐ in ordering his life according to the requirements of the victory to be gained, and securing the correct life elements to be used in the process. When he uses and incorporates the correct life elements progressively into his total lifestyle, there will be incremental increase and new power created in which to overcome with. Once momentum is gained and sustained long enough, the increase will be continuous, and enough new power will be available to reverse the adverse condition and create victory. To the degree that he transforms, is to the degree that he will conquer.

He must be willing to see, think, and feel things differently from a new, enlightened higher position of power– with no existing aspect of his life left unchallenged, for life emanates only from life, and health only from health.

He must not think in terms of luck or vague hope, but of certainty. This means not having the mindset of tentatively approaching that which he doesn’t have or believe he deserves, but aggressively appropriating that which should belong to him, and which was always intended by the Creator to be his.

He must go for that which he has never gone for before – a true vision quest without hesitation or reservation. He must exhaust himself on life so that he can renew himself with life.

While concentrating and intensifying the force of life that goes into his being, he will literally change his internal energy and chemistry. By changing the energy and chemistry internally, he will change the manifestation externally. This is true even if what is required is an absolute miracle, for virtually every miracle recorded in the New Testament was preceded first by faith and expectation, both of which spring from the mind and heart.

He can pursue this whole course of life with great expectation and anticipation, knowing that he need not concern himself about controlling the details of what happens at some destination, but only in making sure that he is indeed heading for the right destination with great energy. For whatever results are possible, in whatever realm of existence, whether on this side of eternity or on the other side, he will run directly into them as he is driving into the light and moving deeper into the abundance of life. It is in this wonderful dimension that, as Jesus said, “all things are possible.”