What is an Aspiration?

By Jay Etzel

When someone aspires to that which is good and true, their being aligns with the Creator of all that is good and true.

An Aspiration is something that is passionately longed for from deep within the soul. It is something that is so good, so stirring, so sweet to taste that is causes a fire of exhilaration to race through the blood and burn clean the path of pure exchange.

An Aspiration awakens the individual to who he truly is, and what heights are his to ascend. It represents a type of homecoming, because it transcends the normal experience of existence and unites one with that which is eternal and true. Great Aspirations are created in the fire of pure life, where spirit and light are fused together and explode upon the heart and mind, dispersing the darkness and illuminating the better way and inspiring a more glorious quest.

Between what is actual and what is possible in a persons experience, is a wondrous, mystical realm that can only be traversed by those who would follow after Great Aspirations and lay hold of their fulfillment. It is a territory that few enter into because it represents a certain brilliant clarity that is generally unknown in this world. But it is exactly that clarity, that shining definition that the great ones are destined for and live by. For they believe that “hope” does not disappoint and faith makes all things “possible”.

Created by God, witnessed through the spirit, and made real by the mighty power of exertion working from within, Great Aspirations call forth the redemptive, creative purposes for the strong, while stirring up the gift of life from within.