Core Values

Team Work

Where the ability to create a synergistic effect that exceeds in excellence that which otherwise would not have been possible; and where the desire to be part of something great by connecting with other dynamic and good-natured individuals on a creative venture that is greater than mere unenlightened ambition and the pull of low level activity.


Where the belief that their exists still greater works on earth to be accomplished and more life to be enjoyed through exalted living. Faith, in this context, is to know that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search out a matter. (Prov. 2:25)


Where the attitude and approach to live is marshaled for all goodness, creative fulfillment and enjoyment; and where all pettiness, negativity, falsehood and undermining influences are rejected.


Where the natural rights of man are fully encouraged and protected; and where there is the understanding that only when an individual is free from unnatural pressure, wrong desire, oppressive situations, emotional pain, and unhealthy living habits, can he pursue life, health, happiness, and wellness as the creator intended.


Where genuineness, warmth, and the clear flow of positive intention charge the atmosphere with confidence and strength.


Where the understanding that the triumph in the great things in life often require consistent glorious action, a valiant fighting spirit, and a wholehearted commitment to victory; and where the double minded, uninspired, fatalistic, fainthearted and unbelieving have no part in the process.


Where the sheer joy of life and the blessing of working in a living environment overtakes the common things that suppress most people from experiencing their true creative expression; and where the excitement of working on great aspirations is overflowing and contagious.