9th Grade Student Seminar

High School Success & Life Skill Seminar
The beginning of high school constitutes for a young person what should be a whole new exciting journey that is filled with the opportunity to grow and experience life richly. There is nothing more important or more excellent for freshmen to have than a blueprint for true health, happiness, and prosperity laid out for them at the beginning of their high school career so that they may achieve real prosperity.

And yet typically, what is most important– the concept of total preparedness through holistic education and inspirational empowerment is that which receives the least functional attention in our society and educational system. Asking young people to navigate the potentially very difficult and confusing terrain of adolescence and high school life without first powerfully equipping them to do so is to set them up for a certain amount of unnecessary failure. Only a determined, proactive approach to life and learning will secure the best outcome

The purpose of this seminar is threefold:

  1. To inspire and challenge students to make the most of the next four years (and beyond) by pursuing the purest and best course of action for their individual lives.
  2. To empower students to overcome the pressures, problems, and snares common to teenagers which are more unsparing today than at any other time in our nation’s history.
  3. To assist parents in the most vital and challenging endeavor of raising healthy, happy, and prosperous young people.

In order to accomplish these objectives, a practical holistic approach will focus on strengthening the core areas of a teenager’s life: 

  • Gain a perspective and overview of the next four years
  • Academic achievement and study skills
  • Personal growth and talent development
  • Leadership and peer networking
  • Health and nutrition

To this end, the themes of this seminar are related to the greatest needs of young people. They are: 

  • Crystal clear, accurate information and guidance on the basic areas of life that pertain to mental, moral, spiritual, physical, and emotional health.
  • Tremendous inspiration, encouragement, and practical equipping to live an abundant, overcoming life.

Key Concepts 

  • Life is a gift.
  • There is a plan for your life-simple, clean, powerful, abundant.
  • Live by purpose, design, and a sense of destiny.

Seminar Content Outline
Each section will receive specific attention and amplification

OVERVIEW – Gain a perspective and overview on the next four years

Develop Vision
Invest in the Future

Gain Clarity

Inspire and Empower
Overcoming Obstacles

Instruct and Educate
Core Areas
Youth Culture and Mass Media

Develop a Plan
Creating Structure
Pattern, Flow

Follow Through
Support System


Academics (Due to extensive content, the academic portion can be set up as its own seminar)
Keys for Academic Success
Total Organization
Scheduling of Work
Active Listening
Anticipation of Material
Get Ahead of the Learning Curve

Purposeful Living
Building a Book of Dreams

Sleep and Rest
Sunshine and Fresh Air
Negative Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Mental / Creative
Positive Attitude and Outlook
Problem Solving
Lifetime Work Skills
Talent Development

Character Development
Building a Foundation

Family Life
Cultivating True Lasting Friendship and Strong Peer Relationships
Establishing a Healthy Understanding of Sexuality; Wholesome Relationships with the Opposite Sex
High School Dynamics and Peer Pressure
Understanding Youth Culture; Deconstructing Media Propaganda and Influences on Youth
Developing a Cross Section of Social Skills