About Jay Etzel

As an undergraduate student at the University of Connecticut, Jay was approved by a school committee to design his own major which was centered on human potential and the true nature of abundant living.

The goal of the major was to study and synthesize the core areas of human existence as they related to health and happiness. From that time forward, Jay has had a passion for discovering life’s true riches and sharing them with others.

Through much intensive study, research, and life experience, he has continually added dimension and originality to his fundamental vision that has uniquely prepared him for the work of Great Aspirations – a dynamic multifaceted coaching and consulting work.

Jay’s extensive background includes – teaching, coaching, consulting, health instruction, and public speaking. He is the creator of a number of essential programs aimed at inspiring greatness in various areas in life. He has spent over 20 years working in the areas of education, leadership, life coaching, creativity, peak performance, and health. He has created holistic, integrative success programs for high school and college students, adults, creative professionals, cultural leaders, and professional athletes.