Creative Greatness Consultation & Life Coaching

What is it that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary in terms of creative and emotional impact? Why are there so few acts and works of greatness? Why only a few great leaders, classic movies, songs, books, and so on, relative to so many mediocre, unremarkable, and non-inspiring ones?

The answer resides in understanding the creative process, its spiritual essence, and the powerful intangibles necessary for it to excel. Talent, cleverness, intelligence, and all the resources in the world cannot alone produce true greatness – they can only produce a shadow of it. True greatness is only possible by touching a deeper, richer connection to truth and reflecting its light back through the heart and soul.

My work in both life coaching and consultation brings this understanding to those in the creative fields who seek something far better for their lives and their work than is commonly found, even that found within elite, “successful” circles.


Creative Greatness Consultation

The most important aspect of any great endeavor, aspiration, or work is that it brings forth something of true value into existence. It must provide to the world something of real substance, something that moves and touches people in some distinct way, no matter what particular genre that work is in. People must have been made better through coming in contact with a work – their burden lifted a little, their appreciation for life increased, their sense of injustice heightened, their laughter or tears more clarifying; whatever the venture, whatever the action, it must be rooted in real life. When it comes to creativity, there is no pursuit worth undertaking if it does not connect people to the purpose and celebration of life in one form or another, whether directly or indirectly.

I am quite aware of this world’s desire for happiness, leadership, and beauty. I am also quite aware of the cowardice, hesitancy, political correctness, and other false controls (self-imposed or not) that keep people from overflowing from the heart and producing works of original inspiration from the Creator.

That is why I developed my consulting work: I wanted to instill a higher understanding of purpose, sense of urgency, expectation for good, potency, truth, and leadership into the realms of media, entertainment, and other areas of social interaction, so that creative individuals could more readily produce and deliver the vital inspirational works and leadership so desperately needed in today’s world.

My central theme is to build from the core out; for a project or work can only be as good as its vision, passion, energy, and the people associated with it. I take a comprehensive view of the total project, help create vision, define its direction, hold it accountable to its principles and greatness, and detail its expression. I bring energy, focus, and intensity to the center of a work and make sure that none of the aesthetic and inspirational potential is lost. I make sure the project surges into its true vision and purpose and does not back off its true destiny because of subtle forms of pressure, laxity, weakness, etc.

Through my expertise and the synergistic effect of working with the right individual or individuals, a project will be powerfully and wonderfully impacted in a total way:

  • The highest order of creativity, inspiration, and worth are appropriated.
  • A unified vision and theme is brought forth through the entire project and personnel involved with the project.
  • Outstanding and effective communication is developed.
  • Teamwork is built, and a high sense of mission and purpose is created.
  • Talent is improved, and proper utilization of that talent is ensured.
  • The best people are identified for the right roles to be played and contributions to be made.
  • The right depth, energy, and persona of a work are brought forth.
  • The methodology of accomplishment is constructed efficiently with patterns of excellence.

The result is an exceptional work or project that is:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and artistically balanced,
  • Unified in theme and cohesive in design,
  • Spiritually attuned and emotionally gratifying.

Creative greatness consulting is for those people who have a passion for life and goodness and an understanding of excellence. Wonderful and glorious works must be handled the right way. The artistry, the subtlety, the cohesion of powerful elements, and all other aspects that make up the depth, imaginativeness, and magic of such special pursuits require the utmost respect, labor of love, passion, and genuineness from those closely associated with them.

I consult with those who want to create bold new works that rise above the ordinary and are worthy of our existence, nature, and drive. My objective is to work with people and projects with a sense of destiny and desire for the notable achievement of leaving a positive imprint on the world. My greatest joy is to work with people of fine spirit, who value honesty, loyalty, a sense of humor, and the inter-working of the creative process.

Both the consultation and the more comprehensive life coaching services I offer have a natural relationship, one to another. Because creative greatness is so specialized, every client is treated individually, his or her plan is developed and collaborated upon accordingly, and any combination of these services is possible.


Life Coaching

Highly creative individuals are a breed apart. They experience their environment in a heightened way, and as such, hold a great capacity for happiness and enjoyment of life, and they desire to connect with people and their surroundings in an expressive way. At the same time, they are prone to inner attacks, slumps, and periods of letdown that significantly threaten their happiness and creative output. The mystery of high creativity – the tremendous rush of excitement, the need for outlet and fulfillment, and the warfare associated with it – is understood by scarcely anyone, including those who are highly creative.

My vision for developing creative greatness is to produce a service and plan as special as the best creative works that have graced our world. I seek to create a lifeline and catalyst to generate more of the genuine excellence that not only adds value to life, but also reveals something far deeper within it.

For greatness and beauty do not occur by accident, nor do people simply stumble upon happiness and fulfillment. Both occur when true purpose is pursued with great passion, clean exertion, and right action in all areas of life.

The life coaching done through this program centers on the realization that real greatness is holistic in nature: The person, the creative work, and the creative process must all be consistent in their vital essence and expression if the individual is going to experience a continuum and increase of happiness and creativity over the long haul.

This can only occur when a creative individual develops a lifestyle that supersedes (or at least is equal to) his talent and creative desire. Only when he operates from an overflowing lifestyle can he be free of the disintegration of the mind, body, and soul so prevalent among highly talented, successful, acclaimed and influential individuals.

Those who aspire to true greatness – a greatness that is continuous and consistent with real life – need nothing less than a tenacious ally to help identify and organize their best and drive them into it. They need someone to relate to them in true heart and soul terms, someone who is willing and able to help them defeat and overcome the difficult things that come against them…and then maintain the victory gained.

The key to the effectiveness of my life coaching is the integrations of two aspects into a unique and formidable dynamic: simultaneously building and strengthening the creative person, while also helping him perform better at his craft. I see the creative person in full context – the human, living in the everyday world, and the genius, with the need to transcend that world and synthesize something greater from it.

My goal for my clientele is to create an expert plan for preparation, execution, and sustainability at the highest level. Through this equipping, the individual is able to enter freely into their creative passion, produce some of the best work of their life, and continue to live and enjoy every aspect of their life.

To help my clients discover and realize the fullness of their passion, their work, and indeed their life itself, I have developed three distinct components to life coaching for creative greatness:

  • Personalized inspirational training: Establishing a dynamic, 24/7, inspirational lifestyle in which every phase of a creative individual’s day and every important aspect of their life is broken down, restructured, and set up for success, flow, building momentum, and acquiring the lasting ability to remain on the cutting edge and in the center of positive activity.
  • Life coaching and counseling for personal needs:  Taking care of the individual’s inner domain to allow living fully. This includes developing a plan for personal growth, spiritual development, relationships, communication, resolving personal problems, decision making, overcoming temptation, and avoiding pitfalls.
  • Life coaching in context of specific creative projects, works, and desires: Setting up a working order that produces unique skill and insight, one that is effectual in increasing performance capacity and yet consistent with the person’s unique physical and emotional constitutions and overall demands. This encourages and facilitates the gaining of balance, rhythm, and increased excitation in all realms.


In addition, these seven characteristics govern the Creative Greatness Life Coaching Program:

Triumphant & Overcoming

Most conventional counseling and life-coaching programs fail to identify real victory and lack the aggressive, proactive, all-out mentality to bring it to pass. The life coaching I offer for creative professionals is very proactive, visionary, and powerful because it starts with insisting the individual be triumphant in life – mentally, physically, creatively, socially, spiritually, etc. – before they can produce their best and enjoy their best. Problems, concerns, struggles, and difficulties are all subordinated to the greater vision of an abundant life.

Spiritual & Inspirational:

Anything of true greatness has a genuine connection to the light. In the book of Genesis, God’s creative nature, process, and excellence is partially revealed, and man is said to be made in that same creative image. I help people understand and enter into that image and purpose, according to their own unique qualities and path. So many highly creative people have yet to enter their true creative potential or purpose because they have allowed the darkness to keep them away from a higher understanding of their potential influence. They are unaware all the good that could come through them if they actually allowed themselves to be free to seek God’s best for their life. So much time and talent in the creative realms and major entertainment industries are wasted on worthless works because creative individuals lose sight of the true, eternal quality of life, and are therefore temporarily blinded to the urgency and necessity of living well and the wonderful joy of co-laboring with the Creator on better productions.

Caring & Supportive:

When I work with someone, I gain understanding of who they really are and see them in a total dimension and context, as opposed to just a talent to achieve some singular purpose. There is always a greater dimension to an individual, their work, and my connection with them than originally meets the eye. Manifold opportunities and wonderful new visions in various areas of life spring forth for the individual as a result of working together. The reason for this is simple:  The synergistic effect of creative talent working together for great aspirations is far more powerful and productive than can be predicted by the human mind. I endeavor to form a genuine partnership with those I work with and help them with all that makes up their complex and wonderful life. No one is meant to play just one role in life, but several, all of which are meant to be life-giving and fruitful.

Insightful & Knowledgeable

People of depth, lives of joy, and works of great quality all require a sensitive wisdom and special ability to see and feel what common society will not readily allow. I have trained myself over the years to remain in a high state of alertness and preparedness by the continual exercise of mental, physical and inspirational faculties in order to perform and deliver in the clutch (and in the realm of creativity, it’s all clutch!). I work hard at giving my clients truth and cutting-edge information. I help them see the big picture, distinguish between shades of goodness, discriminate against counterfeit elements, and discern proper order and arrangement of aspects in both their personal lives and creative projects.

Motivating & Exciting

It is truly exciting to have your whole life and work ordered toward the highest good and most profound expression. Motivation occurs when something superior to our usual mode of living comes and awakens us to greater activity and feeling. Because I only work with those who have a real passion and desire for what is powerful and good, only that which is life-giving and worthy of genuine excitement is allowed to enter into the environment of our work together. We associate only with the light and mystery of creation in our collaboration. Not only is the end result of our accomplishment motivating and exciting, therefore, but so is the entire process.

Progressive & Forward Thinking

I operate under the assumption that the best is still ahead for an individual, regardless of what he or she has already achieved. This may be obvious for the budding star, but for those who have already accomplished great things, sometimes difficult to believe. But my contention is that life is inexhaustible, and therefore not only are there still great works remaining for the accomplished individual, but perhaps his very best works. This is simply because the inspirational elements necessary for his greatest were not yet in place. It is vital that creative individuals recognize new works based on a higher approach to life have been prepared for them, to be enjoyed like never before.

Enjoyable & Fun

Proper chemistry is essential for achieving greatness in any team approach. Deeply effectual consulting and counseling requires the individuals involved are properly aligned in mind and spirit for the mission that is set before them. As great as the vision may be, as far reaching the potential results, the process must be equally so – and that requires a real sense of joy and camaraderie, stemming from excellent personal qualities of the people achieving together and an abundant working atmosphere.

Whether a client seeks consultation services, the more in-depth life coaching I offer, or a combination of both, the goal is the same: to achieve true creative greatness – and the excellent works greatness produces – by empowering the creative individual to experience the fullness of life and light from which overflow works that speak with authenticity, beauty and truth.


For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Yet, how the world would benefit, if a man were to speak to it from the depths of a soul intact, consistent, and completely alive!