Creative Greatness

A Dynamic Program for Natural Health and Ultimate Creativity

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might.”  Eccl. 9:10

The full, pure use of God-given abilities is one of the rarest and most beautiful experiences on earth. Even the world’s most succesful creative individuals intuitively understand that there is yet a higher realm of eventful achievement and depth of goodness that remains available to those who would pursue life’s strongest creative course.

Creative Greatness is designed to galvanize the creative profession to exceed previous limits of excellence and to excel into a whole new dimension of abundance and elation.

This essential work is accomplished by unifying the creative elements of greatness into a whole, vital expression and intensifying that expression until it is consistent with the desired, exalted vision.

Creative Greatness is for those who:

  • Require exceptional levels of health and energy
  • Sense that they have an outstanding calling placed on their lives
  • Are on a vision quest
  • Need to be primed for heroic activity, striking victory or remarkable comebacks
  • Desire an ever greater manifestation of creative brilliance
  • Desire a cleaner, stronger run at life

Transforming a life is the most exciting endeavor on earth


Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Aspects of Health and Creativity

Creative capacity is realized when the mind, soul and spirit are healthy and free to engage in the creative process. The power of creating from the light is naturally intoxicating.

This section unfolds the dynamics of inspiration and formulates a cohesive plan for constant creative stimulation.

  • Pursue the purest and best
  • Break through invisible barriers
  • Experience the rebirth and fulfillment of great dreams
  • Turn stress into positive energy
  • Create a wellspring of motivation
  • Understand the spiritual keys to health
  • Identify and overcome psychological drains of creativity
  • Develop bold new vision
  • Increase emotional power through greater creative expression
  • Use the shield of faith against negativity, temptation and falsehood
  • Understand and overcome the warfare specifically associated with creative personalities
  • Channel all forms of energy and drives into creative outflow
  • Eliminate all negative influences and weak associations
  • Understand how innate body intelligence adjusts to environmental pressures


Physical Health

Constant rejuvenation is the fountain of all creativity. Every cell in the body is packed with creative potential eagerly desiring full expression. The mind originates thought through organic structure and, therefore, requires the very best health regime in order to stay creatively fit.

This section finally establishes the exciting connection between health, energy and creativity.



  • Prepare for a lifetime of outstanding health
  • Develop an “Eden” lifestyle
  • Utilize advanced energy concepts
  • Break every form of addiction
  • Reverse aging and prevent disease and sickness
  • Create health from the inside out



  • Establish the greatest, most delicious nutritional plan for the unusual demands of the highly creative
  • Discover the effect of food on mood, will and creative abilities
  • Learn what constitutes clean, energetic Iiving foods
  • De-mystify all fad diets, supplementation and food therapies



Create a dynamic fitness and workout plan that uniquely spurs on creative abilities  while expertly matching your personality and professional demands

  • Elite training available for the highly motivated
  • Environmental
  • Safeguard against environmental pollution, toxicity and suspected cancer causing agents
  • Understand modern society’s impact on health and how to overcome various negative aspects
  • Create a true living and working environment that supports the highest level of creativity


Creative Legacy and Leadership

The artist’s or leader’s uplifting influence and legacy depends on the flow of light through him. Real success is measured by the degree that people are truly moved in their souls by his special work.

  • Inspire a whole generation
  • Improve world culture
  • Lead through strength and power
  • Make a difference in the creative industries
  • Bring your gift to the world uncompromised
  • Communicate brightly the soul’s essence
  • Culminate your career and life with rarified greatness
  • Save the best for last


Creative Consultation

The most awesome works of life are waiting to explode through the unlocking of creative genius. This aspect of creative excellence is designed to add dimension and detailed brilliance to great undertakings.

  • Uncovering hidden stores of creative treasures
  • Essential concept and theme development
  • Keen perception for effectiveness
  • Complete expert creative support
  • Organization of vital procedure
  • Insight into greater dimensions of expression
  • Locking into the highest order of success
  • Marshaling group cohesiveness and increasing team potency
  • Artistic eye for enhanced splendor
  • Creating and maintaining a projection of greatness
  • Refinement of renowned talent


Creative Greatness

Life Energy for Cultural Leaders and Creative Professionals

  • Health, energy, nutrition and creative flow
  • Select consultation and project development
  • Mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of creativity
  • Creative leadership and legacy

Experience the sheer electricity of throwing your whole being into the creative process.

The purpose of creative fulfillment is to bring an elite creative approach to highly aspiring greats whose mission and work is so potentially vital that they require absolutely the best in pursuit of true realization.

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