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Eagle’s Wings Seminars on Leadership & Life Skills are unique, dynamic programs designed to challenge and equip young people to achieve true greatness in life. They not only impart practical knowledge but also the structure and motivation for creative, purposeful living. This promotes education in the full sense: the balanced, skillful integration of the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Because these programs are given in a variety of contexts, including public schools, various allowances are made for content.

America faces a crisis of identity in terms of her ideological creed and the values that she represents to the next generation. Because of this, young people’s natural, robust qualities are greatly weakened as they are distracted from pursuing their potential by the dangerous, low standards and inconsistent behaviors which surround them.

Particular attention has been made to answer the call for our nation’s youth by creating the following inspirational seminars and workshops which impart basic, yet powerful moral and spiritual values in a vital and refreshing way.


Personal Growth and Life Enhancement

When young people are set to the monumental task and responsibility of developing their core selves, a fire of hope for happiness and goodness is kindled within their hearts and minds. This passion is impossible to extinguish by anything other than neglect.

This section focuses on the cultivation of an inspirational life through the application of life skills and the establishment of relationships, activities and associations which are empowering and productive.

  • How to increase happiness and overall well-being
  • Developing a wellspring of inspiration and motivation
  • Discovery and development of talents
  • Freedom to be your own person – overcome peer pressure
  • Developing lifelong, rewarding relationships
  • Sexual abstinence before marriage – emotional, physical, social benefits
  • Dismantling societal/media exploitation and manipulation
  • Experiencing the wonder and joy of life
  • Living by purpose, design and a sense of destiny
  • Created in the image of God – Utilize the keys to spiritual health – faith, love, forgiveness and restoration
  • Overcoming past mistakes


Character Development

Strength of character exemplifies the true idealism of youth. A young man or woman radiates with pride and poise when they know that at last they’ve chosen the good and true path.

This section focuses on the process of transformation of personhood through originality and the development of inner strength.

  • Courage
  • Enjoying a lifetime of self-respect
  • Defeating temptation
  • How to be bold in the face of opposition
  • Building an indomitable spirit
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Learning to face down fear of any kind
  • Raising the standards of personal conduct
  • The meaning of honor
  • The importance of a good reputation
  • Learning to be true to yourself
  • Studying great characters of history



Many of today’s social problems within school and society would greatly diminish if the concept of leadership was seriously promoted. On the one hand, there are numerous natural leaders waiting to be stirred to excellence while on the other hand, every young person can learn to lead in simple ways.

This section focuses on helping individuals discover their leadership abilities while equipping them to develop the necessary skills and encouraging them to gain practical experience.

  • Becoming great in order to give
  • Serving with dignity and strength
  • Leading by example
  • Understanding core leadership qualities
  • Developing a winning attitude
  • Changing the world with simple acts of goodness
  • How everyone can be a leader within their own circle of influence
  • How to identify critical areas of need and initiate positive changes
  • Using failure as a means to super achievement
  • Don’t let small minds tear down big ideas
  • Identifying the “diamonds in the rough”



Young people have an enormous capacity for patriotism when given a balanced, honest understanding of America’s ideals, creeds and opportunities afforded.

This section focuses on helping individuals realize that as Americans, they have an incredible heritage and freedom and are part of an amazing, ongoing story of dynamic culture which they have the ability to improve.

  • Understanding the concepts and spirit of the American Constitutional documents and how they specifically relate to the individual and society
  • The rights and responsibilities of all citizens
  • The importance and power of voting
  • Appreciating and respecting the strengths of each political party
  • Adventures in volunteer and community work
  • Honoring our service veterans
  • Careers in public service
  • Protecting the environment
  • History and profile of non-profit organizations
  • How to remain objective while deciphering truth in politics
  • Learning the meaning of the most interesting American idioms
  • America’s unique role in the world community
  • How to be part of the solutions to problems and contradictions within society
  • Appreciation for and contributions of world cultures to American society
  • Historical profiles in American history
  • … and more



With the growing health crisis in America evidenced by the epidemic amounts of heart disease, cancer, multiple addictions, etc., it is essential that young people receive the best instruction and highest level of motivation concerning health and wellness.

Physical Health – This section focuses on providing the practical structure for implementing a true course of action for achieving a lifetime of optimum health.

  • Exposing how cultural influences compromise the health of youth
  • Understanding the magnificence of the human body
  • Prevention of disease begins now
  • How to have an abundance of energy
  • Complete nutritional education for optimal living
  • Avoiding the junk food trap
  • How to break any addiction
  • Natural hygiene and good looks
  • Drugs and their real effect on the body and personal potential
  • Youth culture and alcohol
  • The environmental connection to well-being


Creative Fulfillment and the Performing Arts
(For artists and innovators of all types)

Creative exploration is one of the most exciting aspects of growing into young adulthood. With pop culture at a creative low point in history, this series focuses on the inspiration needed to challenge artistically minded students to exercise their gifts for the highest level of personal fulfillment  and creative expression within society.

  • Pursuing the purest and the best
  • Breaking through invisible barriers
  • How to stay within the creative flow
  • Faith and creativity
  • Profiles of positive artists
  • Relating the Renaissance to modern times
  • Living a balanced life
  • Discovering where true art and life intersect
  • Identifying psychological drains on creativity
  • Relationships and the creative person
  • Becoming a creative professional
  • The creative gift used in society


Academic Achievement and Ultimate Study Skills

The vast majority of high school and college students are ill prepared to learn to their fullest potential due to a lack of in-depth learning skills and vital interest in the subject matter.

Academic Achievement focuses on bringing the ultimate approach to education through a comprehensive effort while inspiring students to become lifelong learners.

  • Motivation
  • Value of education
  • Preparation for excellence
  • Attitude and focus
  • Health and learning
  • Taking control of learning
  • Organization
  • Mastering each aspect of education
  • How learning is accomplished
  • Note taking
  • Test taking
  • Scheduling of work
  • Core characteristics of learning
  • Mental studying
  • Tips for busy students
  • School work and creativity
  • Project achievement


Lifetime Workskills

Developing workskills and becoming capable of superior performance are goals which , when obtained, are more valuable than any other advantage an individual can gain.

Lifetime Workskills focuses on imparting the qualities and skills required for excellence in any endeavor while providing the vision for outstanding achievement over a lifetime.

  • Gaining enjoyment from whatever you do
  • Overcoming stress
  • Managing time
  • Beating procrastination
  • Utilizing key principles of success – discipline, resourcefulness and teamwork


Other Special Programs

Parent’s Empowerment is an exciting, comprehensive program designed to equip and encourage parents to reach their full potential in the raising of healthy, happy and balanced children. It covers all vital aspects of parenting and cultural influences.

Athletic Excellence is a special program created to address a spectrum of concerns, needs and opportunities which are unique to high school student athletes. It is meant to provide the strong base and highest possible experience and achievement an individual can have as a result of participating in high school sports.

Pathfinders is designed to meet the unique needs of the transitional period between Middle school (or Junior High) and High School. Sadly, society has almost entirely neglected this great responsibility.

Dropout Prevention and Violence Remediation is a program that works with individuals or groups within particular settings where special needs arise due to challenging situations. Through counseling, life coaching and motivational profiling a range of concerns can be addressed including family problems, depression, alcohol and drug abuse and more.

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