High School Success

The High School Success Program is designed to revolutionize an individual’s approach to his or her education and overall lifestyle. The goal is to transform every hour of class time, study time, activity time (sports, performing arts, etc.), and free time into a more productive, powerful and enjoyable one. It is for those individuals who have a real desire to make the most of the life that they have been given, by not only securing the best outcome, but also by having the best process along the way.

In today’s fragmented, rushed, and superficial world, even the best young people rarely, if ever, have the opportunity or encouragement to step back and thoroughly evaluate and arrange what is best for themselves at this crucial time in their lives. And that is exactly why I developed this approach: I wanted to create the ultimate plan for high school students that covered the essential ingredients for success and happiness, so they could live free and have clean pathways to realizing all of their potential. I wanted to create the very plan that I would have loved and wished someone had given me when I was in high school.

I have drawn from the best of my 20-plus years of diverse experience and study in education, health and wellness, counseling, peak performance, and leadership to create a one-of-a-kind plan for good kids to have, enjoy and be prospered by. It is my conviction that only by engaging young people at the deepest levels of their being will they be motivated to act consistently in their own enlightened self-interest. Therefore, the program incorporates the four realms that make up the whole individual:

  • Spiritual (inspiration and values)
  • Physical (health, fitness, and nutrition)
  • Creative (all aspects of mental activity)
  • Social (relationships and interactions)


The program follows a dynamic, three-step process:

  1. Create Vision – Help the individual see the big, long-term picture, and assist him to live life according to purpose, design, and a sense of destiny.
  2. Build Structure – Teach and craft patterns of excellence in the core areas of success.
  3. Integrate and Organize – Integrate the complementary, essential elements and patterns of excellence into a cohesive structure that expresses a unified, abundant theme; and then help the individual to organize and prioritize his life according to that cohesive structure.


Key Aspects of the Program

  • Academics (study skills, executive functioning skills, time management, organization etc.)
  • Life Coaching and Guidance Counseling
  • Goal Setting (including a college plan)
  • Personal Growth and Inspirational Training
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Dynamic Success Principles


The academic portion is detailed and quite extensive. I break down every pertinent aspect of a high school student’s daily learning routine, ranging from broad concepts like active listening to details like effective transitioning – all in order to leave nothing to chance or waste valuable time in trial and error.

College-level study skills, advanced learning techniques, and executive functioning skills are combined to produce a potent and effective complete skill set that will be utilized every day of both high school and college. Additionally, students get a true course in how to become self-taught and learn important nuances in education and learning that are seldom taught anywhere in today’s education system. The result is a highly competent individual who is capable of performing consistently well under all circumstances.


Life Coaching and Guidance Counseling

In today’s crazy, upside down world where longstanding values, morals, and foundational principles of life are under constant assault, there is nothing more valuable to young people than strong and accurate guidance on life issues, and no greater skill or better desire for any professional to have who works with young people than to deliver that strong accurate guidance in a timely fashion. I provide the accountability and grounding necessary for keeping the young people I work with in a positive state of flow. This is done in a way that is invigorating, challenging and encouraging.


Goal Setting

The key to effective goal setting is doing it intelligently and practically, with a graduated ground strategy to support each goal. I help students – and their parents – define and detail both specific and general goals in every phase of the program according to what their true needs and desires are.


Personal Growth and Inspirational Training

Life is exciting and packed with so much potential. But in order for young people to get to that excitement and experience of their potential, they must know how to break down every phase of their existence and take advantage of all the time they have available to develop and grow in all aspects of their being. I go through every portion of their day and concomitant activities to show them how to really prepare for, enjoy, and maximize each moment, opportunity, and experience set before them.


Leadership and Communication Skills

A good portion of a young person’s future success depends on his interpersonal, relational, and communication abilities and style. By learning the lost arts of leadership and effective communication, the individual will be light years ahead of his peers, who have become influenced by the increasing disintegration, aloofness, and devaluation of relationships and connections common in society today.


Health and Nutrition

The vast majority of high school students have virtually no idea how to manage their health and energy from a life-impacting standpoint. They simply rely on the benefits of youth while simultaneously being deceived by those benefits because they fail to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle to overcome the up-and-down energy cycle that defines most teenagers’ health experience. As a result, they miss out on a large percent of the time they could be feeling energetic and great. Through this program, the individual will receive health and nutritional guidance to keep them in a state of optimal well-being, including the ability (in most cases) to remain sickness-free throughout the school year.


Dynamic Success Principles

High school students, even the very successful ones, tend to waste too much time through imprecision and misguided steps. The success principles I teach are meant to simplify and streamline vital action for the individual. They are taught in a way that can be readily applicable in a variety of situations.

The synergistic effect of a holistic plan that is delivered with clarity, conviction, and enthusiasm is very exciting for a young person to experience because it is new, relevant, and immediately beneficial.  I craft the best overall design for each person according to individual needs, true goals and desires, personality, learning style, and more. This allows for both the student and parents to participate in creating the amazing gift of a personalized layout for achievement and happiness that few people ever get in their lifetime, let alone at such an early age. Once an individual’s total plan is put into place, it is then progressively strengthened over time until he becomes skilled in all aspects of it. This is done through consistent follow-through and regular evaluation that allows for adding dimension, troubleshooting, etc.

I truly believe that any high school person open to investing in his life through this work will have his entire direction and future positively impacted and will achieve extraordinary things as a result.