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Creative greats throughout the ages have been infused with a sense of mission to touch humanity with their gift of life and enable the mind and soul.

Cultural enhancement, character, virtue and real excellence were concepts that were once pre-eminent in the entertainment industry, Sadly, the creative concept has degenerated significantly in the past few decades, leaving an unsatisfying void. However, the lofty notions of real life resonate powerfully with the romanticism of youth and beg for relevant expression today.

Animate was created to provide the most inspiring stimulus for true greatness among creative individuals whose sensitivity and intense desire for purpose-driven activity and meaningful connection demand an exceptional and idealistic experience.

Animate is unique as an educational medium in the realm of creativity as it appeals to the most vital aspects of young people while elevating them above the isolation and degradation of modern pop culture.


Personal Growth and Creative Fulfillment

The way to developing the greatest creative expression and performance ability is through holistic development. Young hearts, souls and minds are themselves the greatest creative works from which future  beauty and brilliance will flow.

This section focuses on cultivating an outstanding lifestyle that is consistent with the youthful dreams of greatness.

  • Fully develop your talent
  • Pursue the purest and the best
  • Live by purpose, design and a sense of destiny
  • Identify and overcome psychological drains on creativity  and  productivity
  • Experience the wonder and drama of real life
  • Develop the highest level of inspiration
  • Turn apparent failure into opportunity
  • Develop lifelong rewarding relationships
  • Thrive within the high school or college subculture
  • Set yourself up for long term success
  • Resist temptation and peer pressure
  • Increase attractiveness through personality
  • Open up future potential for greatness
  • Learn the art of happiness
  • and more…


Leadership in Culture and Entertainment

Young people truly want to throw off the oppressiveness of the current pop subculture and forge new uplifting creative works.

This section focuses on fusing the natural idealism and enthusiasm of youth into a powerful effective commitment to excellence and goodness.

  • Comprehensive leadership training
  • Set standards and create boundaries
  • Express style and natural charisma
  • Find your voice
  • Influence ethical change
  • Discover examples of creative leadership
  • Use your youth to your advantage
  • Change the world around you
  • Begin your creative legacy now
  • Seek effective peer counseling
  • Strive to never compromise your integrity or dignity
  • Rebel against the superficiality of pop culture
  • Promote integrity, truth and wholesomeness
  • Become great in order to serve
  • and more…


Acting and Drama

Students at all levels will get an opportunity to fully explore the craft of acting. From the basics to advanced methods, young actors will experience an amazing leap forward in performance ability while having the time of their lives! Assistance on school plays and drama productions is also available.

  • Personal coaching on acting and performance
  • Think outside the box
  • History and background of great theater productions
  • Inside the actors studio
  • Broadway review
  • Monologue and scene study
  • Re-enact favorite scenes from movies
  • Fun and attractive theater games
  • Improvisation and comedy
  • Life’s lessons learned from Shakespeare
  • Characterization
  • Total awareness
  • Become excellent
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Relaxation techniques
  • The incorporation of complimentary creative skills
  • Concentration and focus
  • The study and performance of comedy
  • and more…

Acting, Drama and Comedy
(for actors and non-actors)

This section creates an opportunity for individuals who may or may not normally seek out drama as an activity but wish to expand their performance abilities or discover a whole new creative outlet.


Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is an excellent opportunity to introduce a fun, social and creative activity that can be enjoyed and improved upon throughout a lifetime. The skill of ballroom dancing is an excellent addition to the repertoire of performing artists of all kinds.

  • Social history and evolution of dance
  • Influence of musical styles on dance
  • Freedom and expression
  • Rhythm and balance
  • Theater, dance and characterization
  • Swing and Boogie-Woogie
  • Waltz and Foxtrot
  • Salsa and Latin
  • Hustle and Disco
  • Tango
  • Folk (various)
  • Dance contests
  • and more…


History of Rock and Roll

Part 1: Roots – 1980
Remarkably, young people today have a real interest and love for rock and roll but have little knowledge of the incredible story behind it. The History of Rock and Roll explores the fascinating journey of what has become the most influential element in popular culture since its inception in the 1950’s. Not just a mere survey, this “course” explores the historical events, influences, social movements, dynamic personalities, visionary leaders and musical fusions associated with rock and roll to make it a truly exciting and relevant educational adventure. Footage, interviews and recordings complete the experience.

  • Roots of Rock and Roll
    African Tradition, Slavery, Work Songs, Spirituals, Black Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Great Depression, Northern Migration, MahWa Jackson, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and more…
  • 1950s
    The Birth of Rock and Roll, Rock Around The Clock, American Bandstand, Sam PhiWps, The Juke Box, CMl Rights, The Growth of Suburbs, Teenage Era, Age of Innocence, Doo Wop, Let’s Go to the Hop, Love Songs, Legends of Rock (Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry), and more…
  • 1960s
    Beatlemania, The British Invasion (Yardbirds, Stones, Cream), No One Here Gets Out Alive, Morrison, Hendrix, Joplin, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Era, CMl Rights, Vietnam, Woodstock, Singers and Songwriters, One-Hit Wonders, Songs with a mission, and more…
  • 1970’s
    Watergate, Kent State, the “Me” Generation, The Great Concert Era, the “California Sound” – Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Jackson Brown, Hard Rock – Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Kiss, the Soul of Rock – Stevie Wonder, the Brothers Johnson, Marvin Gaye, Spiritual Quests – Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Kerry Uvgren, Southern Rock- Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Punk Rock, and more…

Rock and Roll Part 2
Traces the significant groups and events from 1980 to the present.



The study of important films and movies is one of the most captivating ways to open up a young person’s mind to a variety of subjects, ranging from ethics to history.

This section allows students to step outside of their provincial setting to see and understand life through the exciting world of film.

  • History of Hollywood
  • Inside the director’s studio
  • Leadership lessons from classic films
  • Great performances by leading actors
  • Review of the best movies of all time
  • Survey of the great leading men and women
  • Characterization and role development
  • Screen writing
  • Select scene studies from great dramas
  • and more…



Fashion has always had a strong influence on the young. What is little known to the average person is just how complex and devised the industry is.

This section reveals both the creative and the decadent aspects of fashion.

  • Inside the fashion world
  • Characteristics of top models
  • What models really go through
  • Modesty and fashion
  • Makeup artistry
  • Real life success stories, real life tragedies
  • The art of fashion photography
  • Paradox – spirituality in fashion?
  • The downside of success
  • What is the natural look?
  • How to get into the modeling business
  • The role of bookers and agents
  • The many faces of fashion
  • and more…


Creative Writing

Creative writing is one of the most challenging, and effective, means of communicating the depths of life. It is an art form of vital significance to any creative individual and is especially important to preserve and encourage the practice of among young people who are increasingly becoming desensitized by today’s hackneyed writing styles.

This section explores the total process of writing by integrating the intellect and the emotions.

  • Developing extraordinary ideas
  • Writing in vivid, expressive language
  • Using sense and memory to create feeling
  • Unlocking the imagination
  • Writing as a unity
  • Illustration as a support
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Establishing personal style
  • Developing flow and cohesion
  • Translating emotions into the written word
  • Profiles of great writers and works … and more


Communication, Public Speaking and Debate

By helping young people understand the vital link between creativity and health, a real impetus is created for them to take the initiative in developing abundant health over a  lifetime.

This section focuses on establishing an exciting health culture that any young performing artist aspiring to creative greatness will find attractive and essential to their training.

  • Increased performance ability through better health
  • Advanced energy concepts
  • Avoid and/or break any addiction
  • Maintain your ideal weight
  • Natural hygiene and good looks
  • Complete nutritional guidance for optimal living
  • Enhanced creative flow through rejuvenation
  • Ensure proper mental and physical growth and development
  • Defeat the junk food habit
  • Expose drug use and its real effect on health and creativity… and more


Guest Speakers

An exciting array of very positive performing artists and creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds are available to share their inspirational life stories, personal experiences and expertise.

Animate is designed for maximum effectiveness and flexibility and can be used in a number of creative ways.

Any combination of selections can be blended together to create a one-of-a-kind multi disciplinary experience – courses, electives, clubs; seminars, consultation, volunteer help, etc.

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