Life Energy

Life Energy presents people with the opportunity to take full control of their own health. It places the keys to building an outstanding and happy life within the autonomy of the individual and thereby securing the most important earthly resource which is total health.

It is a fact that the vast majority of individuals are living far below their health potential due to the near universal abuse human life has been subjected to in modern times. The work of “Life Energy” is to assist the individual in supplying the natural requirements of health while freeing them of all forms of interference from the creation of energy.

The program is a unique holistic approach to health designed to achieve optimal results by utilizing the body’s own inherent potential by naturally balancing and strengthening its life systems. The results of systematically building internal health is so incredible it needs to be experienced in order to be believed!

One will never again need to spend money on short term, partial solutions, pursue dead end promises or waste time sorting out the confusing world of health products and supplements. “Life Energy” opens the door to the simplicity and power of abundant health as God intended.


  • Inspirational – An intense focus and motivation will bring about a lifetime of desired results
  • Educational – An outstanding overview of the action, intelligence and inner workings of the human body (including, digestion, energy production, etc.) will equip the individual to be in charge of their own health
  • Integral – A personalized, detailed diet and health program will be created to meet individual needs and goals
  • Instructional – Hands-on instruction is given for every related area of “Life Energy”
  • Supportive – The guarantee of long support is essential as one progressively moves toward the achievement of health-related goals
  • Resourceful – A synthesis of the best related health resources (materials, products, books, trips, facilities etc.) will be made available
  • Successful – The strongest protocol for health met with dedication, will be rewarded with tremendous accomplishment
  • Unique – A great amount of research, personal care and experience has gone into developing this totally natural and innovative program

Nutritional Excellence
By the process of nutrition, a new blood stream is created which in turn feeds the cells of the body. Optimal rejuvenation is impossible without the highest grade diet and utilization of proper food. The nutritional aspect of “Life Energy” is based on human anatomy and physiology; the experience of the world’s healthiest individuals and cultures; and the compiled work of the greatest health teachers. Once the proper perspective of nutrition is realized and a truly beneficial diet is established, a whole new level of health will result.

Nutritional Elements include:

  • Establishing the optimal nutritional plan unique for your total lifestyle, physical make-up and personal needs
  • How the body uses nutrients to reverse aging and promote healing
  • Effective weight loss or weight gain and the maintenance of the ideal condition
  • Greatly increasing energy through proper nutrition
  • Experiencing vigorous digestion
  • How to overcome food addictions and unhealthy eating patterns from physical, social, psychological and spiritual point of views
  • Learn how the modem diet has become a leading cause of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other health problems, and how to correct them!
  • The meaning and values of living foods
  • Why diets fail to control weight or promote health
  • Demystifying vitamin therapy and supplementation
  • And more.

The Essential Elements of Health
Abundant health occurs when one incorporates the combination of all the vital needs of the whole person. This section of “Life Energy” helps to bring about a total balance within one’s lifestyle and thus fully supports the efforts of proper nutrition.

Physical Fitness

  • The development of a customized exercise program which promotes a total spectrum fitness
  • How to maintain fitness over a lifetime
  • Fitness scheduling for busy individuals
  • Instruction on proper form and technique for every aspect of fitness and training


  • Safeguarding against environmental pollution and toxicity
  • Protecting against suspected cancer causing agents
  • Creating a healthy atmosphere within the home
  • Understanding modern society’s impact on health and how to overcome various negative aspects
  • Protecting yourself in the workplace from illness and fatigue
  • How to properly and safely detoxify

Mental/Spiritual Aspects of Health

  • Learn how emotions powerfully effect health
  • Living a balanced, less stressful life
  • The secrets of the world’s longest-lived people
  • Recognizing and eliminating emotional responses which drain energy
  • The spiritual keys to great health
  • And more.

Discover the joy of living towards your potential!

The bounty of blessings and benefits which result from following the “Life Energy” program are sure to be experienced in your life as they have been by the countless others who have lived according to these natural health principles. Among the many benefits are:

  • A dramatic improvement in your overall health
  • Experiencing consistent high levels at energy
  • Living longer in excellent health
  • Looking younger as you reverse premature aging
  • Reversing and healing existing disease conditions (known and unknown)
  • Feeling good about yourself – increased happiness
  • Maintaining proper weight – developing body symmetry
  • Actualizing your greatest aspirations

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