Parent Empowerment

At no time in American history has effective parenting been more needed, and yet at no time has it been more challenging. This generation of parents must deal with more distractions, complications, and negative influences than any previous. It is essential, therefore, that parents become truly empowered and learn to take the lead in shaping and directing the lives of their children in a new and dynamic way.

The Parent Empowerment Seminar is designed to bring great support, clarity, and confidence to today’s parents, and especially to those of adolescents. It is meant to refresh and equip for a brand new season of life. It is for those parents who really desire to gain a vision for a much greater reality and experience for their children and family – and to help them take hold of the potential goodness of both.

The following will be touched on during this seminar:

  • How to help your teens reach their full potential
  • Sending your child out into the world prepared – how to build character and impart practical, moral, spiritual and ethical values
  • Evaluation of American popular culture and its impact on youth (includes drugs, alcohol, sex, peer pressure)
  • Building security, trust, and intimacy
  • How to be an inspiration to your children
  • Creating clear expectations and maintaining standards
  • Importance of personal example
  • Developing and maintaining open communication
  • Managing sports, performing arts, and other extra-curricular activities
  • Discover and entering into your God-given authority as parents
  • Creating a true home environment
  • Managing home problems, single parenting, divorce, etc.
  • How to guard teenagers from the onslaught of the negative influences that surround them
  • Making a difference academically – how to facilitate productivity
  • Raising a creative child
  • Recap of topics from the High School Success Seminar

Since each topic listed could constitute its own seminar, this session focuses on presenting a whole overview of true high school success, effective parenting, and building a dynamic home life.

This seminar is generally presented in conjunction with the High School Success and Leadership Seminar, but need not be. Follow-through will be available either through future seminars or personal consultation.