Performing Artists

Young people who are serious about their performing arts require special attention as they are embarking on such a beautiful and powerful endeavor- the expression of their heart and soul in an amazingly creative activity that is life giving to them, and uplifting to those around them. Because there is so much emotion, effort, and detail to excellence that are involved in both excelling in this area, as well as truly enjoying the total process, it is essential that student artists engage in the very select training that more than equals their desired end results.

This program helps the promising student performing artist experience balance in a way that allows him or her to excel in all the important areas of their life- physiologically, creatively, academically, socially, and spiritually, to where everything they do becomes an extension of all that they wish to achieve and grow into. This is done by transforming every hour of education, creative activity, and free time into a more productive, powerful, and enjoyable one.

In the process, patterns of greatness are established in the core areas relating to the holistic success of a high school or college performing artist. This results in a happy, dynamic person who is fully prepared to meet all their challenges head on with great enthusiasm and confidence.


The one on one program includes a unique blend of:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Advanced Executive Functioning Skills
  • Dynamic Success and Performance Principles
  • Holistic Health and Nutrition
  • Creative Coaching
  • Life Coaching



Doing excellently in academics for a high school or college performing artist comes down to achieving evenness, order, and efficiency so that a stress free and coordinated experience of profitable activity can be achieved.

When academics are approached and managed in an expert way the entire challenge of them is dramatically upgraded into a truly fruitful one, where the control is shifted away from external demands, and to the student to be commanded within the context of that overall life. For dynamic young people with outside interests and demands on their time, this mastery is essential.

Even the very best high school or college students are very often operating inefficiently and without certain honed advance skills. They too find themselves under episodic periods of stress and frustration that they would love to be able to avoid altogether.

Through my plan, advanced learning techniques and leading edge study skills are taught, and then uniquely structured into an airtight plan of action that gives a great advantage to the individual. This allows a new, very defined  workload to be commanded within the context of an overall life, and for young people with outside interest and demands on their time, this mastery is essential.

  • Learn the 21 keys to academic success
  • Understand the link between developing a good mind and performing well as an artist
  • Stay ahead of the learning curve
  • Become a lifelong learner
  • Crack the high school and college code
  • Increase your grades with more ease
  • Get work done faster and more efficiently
  • Beat procrastination
  • Work stress free
  • Write better papers
  • And more


Executive Functioning Skills

When it comes to dealing with the responsibilities and pursuits that student performing artists have, it is essential that they have an understanding of how to do several important things well simultaneously, as opposed to having only singular focus.

It is therefore vital that a student have a set of skills to create a stress free coordination of fruitful activity that will allow them to remain highly structured.

Expertly woven into the academic portion of this program is the almost entirely neglected (for high school and college students) world of executive functioning skills. These skills will give the individual a superior advantage in managing the diverse demands of the student performing artist.

  • Time management
  • Mastery of overall personal organization
  • Effective strategizing
  • Beat procrastination
  • Gain control of your schedule
  • And more


Success and Performance Keys

Dynamic success principles simplify the overly complex world of student performing artists and make them fit for the greatness they are destined for. These principles are taught in a way that can be readily applicable in a variety of situations every day. Additionally, I teach and work through the fifteen leading attributes of performance greatness with each individual in order to give them a complete understanding of what it really takes to be holistically successful!

  • Prepare for excellence
  • Master the 15 keys of greatness
  • Learn the essentials of expert communication
  • How to develop vision and living according to dynamic priority
  • Development to its potential
  • How to create total flow
  • How to maintain strong motivation and enthusiasm
  • Understand the concept of creating clear pathways to success
  • Overcome distractions


Health and Nutrition

The vast majority of high school and college students, including athletes and performing artists, have very little idea of how to govern their health and energy from a life changing standpoint. As a result they squander so much of the health and energy that should be used in reaching their potential. If they were to adopt a true, disciplined health regime, they would gain the ability to truly maximize their own health, create far more energy for enjoyable, purposeful uses, and, in most cases, remain sickness free throughout the entire school year.

Through the health and nutrition portion of this program the student performing artist will receive an individualized plan that covers all the essentials required to remain in a state of optimally physical well-being that will be powerfully beneficial to not only their performing arts but to every endeavor they have. This is because having the highest level health and nutrition plan makes a tremendous difference in the focus, energy, performance capability, body fitness and image, etc. of a student performing artist.


Nutrition – I detail a personalized nutritional plan for each person that is both incredibly nutritious and delicious, including:

  • A complete education on nutrition for health and performance
  • In-home smoothie and shake preparation and demonstrations (when possible)
  • Proper healthy snacking and hydration before, during, and after performance
  • Eating for health and beauty
  • Total resource guide on the best of the best in the nutritional realm
  • How to eat healthily according to the responsibilities of school
  • A thorough walk-through at a health food store to identify the best brands, products, etc.


Health Instruction – In addition to the nutritional plan, the individual receives a comprehensive health plan that instructs and structures every other facet relating to great health including:

  • Proper sleep
  • How the body heals
  • Balancing activity and rest
  • Cross training and body symmetry
  • Being aware of and eliminating toxins from your total environment
  • The healthiest and most natural skin and haircare
  • How to avoid common, minor illnesses
  • Understand recovery principals
  • Creation of energy

Taken together, the health and nutrition plan will equip the individual with the knowledge and practical application for not only the immediate highest level of performance and health, but also a lifetime of wellness.


Creative Coaching and Life Coaching

Life Coaching – There is nothing more valuable to young people than strong and accurate guidance on life issues, and there is no greater skill or better desire for any professional who works with young people than to deliver that strong, accurate guidance. Unfortunately, in America today we are so behind the curve of real effective counseling and coaching of young people, that there is hardly any difference being made in the war against the inspirational life of our kids. They are literally under daily pressure from multiple sources, with very little relief.

And that is why the life coaching portion of this program is so important and worthwhile. It is holistic in nature, taking into consideration all of who the person is, and what is going on in and around him or her. It then sets in order the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual pathways to life and happiness that are both abundant and sustainable for years to come.

I have a tremendous amount of experience in coaching young people in the pursuit of an abundant life. Today’s world is so complex, and in so many ways antithetical to true living. There are so many distractions and unwanted things that compete for young people’s time, attention, and allegiance. It is a great pleasure of mine to really inspire and empower them to live dynamic superior lives.

I work closely with the individual in developing ideas and strategies for each unique situation as well as for overcoming every challenge that presents itself in order to help them remain on their cutting edge and fully primed to enter into their potential. In the process of this I teach and work through the 21 keys of effective living that I have identified after years of studying the subject, and working in the inspirational field.

  • Learn the 21 keys of effective living
  • How to develop a truly positive, indomitable approach to life
  • Lock into the abundance of each new day
  • Eliminating distractions
  • Utilizing the 12 keys to spiritual success
  • Managing social media
  • Overcome common temptations and enjoy natural pleasures
  • Experience a true paradigm shift
  • And more


Creative Coaching – Student performing artists need to feel internally whole and connected. They need to feel good about themselves and all that they are involved with. This portion of the program uniquely develops the creative-intuitive aspect of the individual and works synergistically with the success principles taught in this program. I teach students how to develop vision, set goals, visualize success, and really work on developing their strength of character, as well as how to increase their personal happiness. One of the most exciting ways I do this is instruct students on how to keep a “book of dreams” in which they detail and keep track of the most important things in their life through interpersonal exercises etc.. The impact of this particular aspect of program is tremendous in making intelligent, well rounded, and forward thinking individuals.

  • Learn the 8 keys to remaining in flow
  • Understanding the keys to positive creativity
  • Overcome the drains on creativity
  • How to create more free time and use it productively
  • Learn and master the 21 keys to mental fitness
  • Develop a book of dreams
  • How to be a true original and maintain your integrity
  • Understand the dynamics of creativity and build on inspirational firewall
  • And more


It must be understood that this program is meant to add tremendous value to a young person’s life and be a true game-changer. A great deal of thought has gone into creating a plan that brings an aspiring young person to a place that is equal to the hope that is within them. It’s true worth cannot be overstated. The program works through a one-on-one personalized setup that requires 5-8 hours (or more) depending on the desired combination of elements that are put into place alongside the academic portion. After the student has his or her unique program designed, there is considerable follow-up. Every phase of the program is supported with checklists and ongoing contact with Jay Etzel to ensure progressive achievement and outstanding, lasting results. This also includes the ability for Jay to make on-the-spot adjustments and deal with any situations that might arise over the course of time.