Philosophy of Education

What is Education

To educate in the truest sense of the word is to liberate.

The greatest yearning of the human heart and mind is to know the goodness that is inherent to creation itself. For “the whole of creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now;” and so to know the truth in all disciplines of life is to enjoy the sublime beauty and the eternal nature of that beauty.

Everything to do with life’s vital expression is worth learning about, both intellectually and intuitively in the deeper, experiential realm. Pure education connects what is distantly perceived to what is intimately known. It transforms hope into reliable structure, and knowledge into purposeful action. 

The journey of the mind, the journey of the soul, and the journey of the spirit culminate in the glorious pursuit to be set free and to live and breathe with spontaneous delight – the same spontaneous delight that is witnessed in the billion particles of light that graces a warm sunny day. When studying and learning have had their free course within the individual, he, by the very virtue of profitable knowledge, must become bolder in life and more appreciative of its gift. He must embody what he knows, and to give to the world, in his unique way, that which he is expressly benefited by.

Each round of deep learning, each drink of awareness, each particular truth that is synthesized within all truth, imprints the mind with a certain higher understanding and greater, more meaningful connection to all things of value.