Professional Athletes

An athlete’s career carries tremendous all around potential and value, both for the athlete himself and for his team or organization.  As a person, role model, leader on the team, leader in society, ambassador to the sport, and so forth, every facet of an athlete’s life contributes significantly to the whole expression of his profession and influences his ability to produce. The intangibles of character and charisma that flow from cultivating an extraordinary and vibrant life can take an athlete further than he can readily imagine.

For what truly makes professional athletes great over a long period of time is their composure mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The stronger and fitter they are in this respect, the greater their careers are going to be. A happy, healthy, and balanced life is by far the greatest asset an athlete can bring to himself, his future, his team, and to his sport.

Yet many people believe professional athletes live such privileged lives they have no real struggles or challenges outside of their competition. And many athletes themselves can’t articulate why what they feel inside is inconsistent with what their outer status might suggest. But often times professional athletes (or any high-profile individual) have even more perplexing life issues, more temptation, and more potential options to sort through than do people living “ordinary” lives. Yet there is virtually no road map for these individuals to follow. When they struggle or face overwhelming possibilities, they often don’t know where to turn for sound direction.

Professional athletes need a tenacious advocate who is willing and capable of digging deep into the heart and soul matters of life, of bringing out the very best within the individual. They need someone who will team with them, track with them, and shoulder both the burden and glory that comes with the territory.

The life coaching and leadership counseling I offer is very proactive, visionary, and powerful. The plan works through the concept of reaching potential and fulfillment of purpose, as opposed to merely managing difficulties. This is because I incorporate a strong spiritual component in the overall strategy for victory. I begin with the goal and vision of developing a creative, full, abundant life for the individual that takes into consideration all of his personality, all of his abilities both athletic and non-athletic. The problems and concerns of this world are dealt with aggressively in the context of maintaining the upward pursuit of life.

In order for this greatness to be achieved, the connection made with the athlete must be genuine and creative, and the work done with precision and excellence. If a person wants to be a champion, he must have a champion’s training and support.


Specific Elements and Benefits of The Life Coaching for Professional Athletes Program

  • Receive expert advice and outstanding guidance on life issues
  • Have accountability that keeps you on the cutting edge
  • Develop vision for the future
  • Experience personal transformation
  • Defeat your greatest enemies first
  • Head off major conflicts
  • Overcome temptation and avoid entrapment
  • Achieve a full range of specific goals in the core realms of life
  • Improve upon all your abilities
  • Manage time expertly
  • Develop patterns of excellence both on and off “the field”
  • Break through invisible barriers
  • Cultivate great relationships (business and personal)
  • Develop a plan for continuing education
  • Use your time to promote things of personal interest or public good
  • Start or support a charity
  • Develop a daily plan for creativity for both in and out of season
  • Utilize the spiritual keys to success – faith, love, redemption
  • Receive outstanding marital and family counseling
  • Learn comprehensive leadership and communication skills
  • Overcome all forms of pressure
  • Become an inspiration to the city you play for
  • Stay in a state of flow and peak performance
  • Earn the respect of opponents and fans outside of your hometown
  • Prepare for a life and career after your time in professional sports are over
  • Incorporate total training for fitness and athleticism with total training for life
  • Learn a true health and nutrition regime that will keep you energetic and prepared for peak performance
  • And more!

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