Student Athletes

The High School Success for Student Athletes Program is specifically designed to help bring out the tremendous potential and goodness that is inside the promising student-athlete-leader. This program is one of the most powerful, comprehensive success programs in the country for high school athletes who have a passion to excel in sports, school, and life. In the process, patterns of excellence are established in the core areas relating to success. These patterns will serve the individual right through to the end of college and into adulthood.

The greatest educational experience a young person can have is one that gives him the tools, structure, and vision that will equip him to achieve his best.


Key Aspects of the Program

  • Academics
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Success Principles
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Guidance Counseling and Life Coaching



Every important aspect of academics is expertly structured into the student’s current mode of operation in order to create an airtight plan of action that is designed to transform every hour of education, both class and study times, into a more productive and efficient one. Every student can greatly benefit from a comprehensive restructuring and completion of learning skills no matter how successful they may currently be. Those who are already performing very well can take advantage of this opportunity to truly hit their top level of achievement and be in position to go to the college that is right for them. Ironically, good students often allow current “success” in high school to block greater achievement from occurring, especially as it relates to future, more challenging academic endeavors. Those who are getting grades lower than desired can dramatically change their standing in a remarkable way.‌


Executive Functioning Skills

Expertly woven into the academic portion of this program is the almost entirely neglected (for high school and college students) world of executive functioning skills. These skills will give the individual a superior advantage in managing the diverse demands of the student-athlete.‌


Success Principles

Dynamic success principles simplify the overly complex world of high school student-athletes and make them fit for the greatness they are destined for. These principles are taught in a way that can be readily applicable in a variety of situations every day.‌


Health and Nutrition

The vast majority of high school students have virtually no idea how to manage their health and energy from a life changing standpoint.  Also, most athletes don’t make the important distinction between athletic fitness, and being healthy and energetic (outside of athletics).They simply go day to day relying on the benefits of youth, while simultaneously being deceived by those benefits because they rarely make the necessary changes in their lifestyle to pull out of the up and down energy cycle that defines most teenagers. As a result, they squander so much of the life and health these years would give them if they were to adapt a true health regime- including the ability, in most cases, to remain sickness free throughout the entire school year. Through this program the student-athlete will receive an individualized plan that covers all the essentials to remain in a state of optimal physical well-being both for sports and life.‌


Guidance Counseling and Life Coaching

There is nothing more valuable to young people than strong and accurate guidance on life issues, and there is no greater skill or better desire for any professional who works with young people than to deliver than that strong, accurate guidance. Unfortunately, in America today we are so behind the curve of real effective counseling and coaching of young people, that there is hardly any difference being made in the war against the inspirational life of our kids. They are literally under daily pressure from multiple sources, with very little relief. And while there are many good coaches, teachers,  guidance counselors and administrators that really care, they labor against the pressures of political correctness,  lack of bold vision, lack of compassion, apathy, distraction, the overemphasis on winning coupled with the underemphasis on character etc.- all of which  are stumbling blocks to effectively helping kids reach their potential.

That is why the life coaching and guidance counseling of this program is so important and worthwhile. It is holistic in nature, taking into consideration all of whom the person is, and what is going on in and around him. It then sets in order the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual pathways to life and happiness that are both abundant and sustainable for years to come.

It must be understood that this program is meant to add tremendous value to a young person’s life and be a true game-changer. A great deal of thought has gone into creating a plan that brings an aspiring young person to a place that is equal to the hope that is within them. Its true worth cannot be overstated. The program works through a one-on-one personalized setup that requires 5-8 hours (or more) depending on the desired combination of elements that are put into place alongside the academic portion. After the student has his or her unique program designed, there is considerable follow-up. Every phase of the program is supported with checklists and ongoing contact with Jay Etzel to ensure progressive achievement and outstanding, lasting results. This also includes the ability for Jay to make on-the-spot adjustments and deal with any situations that might arise over the course of time.